We Don’t Talk About Bruno is easily one of the best Disney songs ever written. But go blasting it in a residential neighborhood late at night and you’re likely to tick some people off.

One Santa Ana police officer found that out the hard way last week. Video posted to the YouTube channel Santa Ana Audits shows the officer being confronted by Councilman Johnathan Ryan Hernandez for blaring Disney songs in Hernandez’s neighborhood.

Someone had started taking video of a police stop. According to NBC News, “the officer apparently was playing the music in hope that the video, if it were uploaded to YouTube, would be removed because it included copyrighted music.”

The officer played songs from Encanto, Un Poco Loco from Coco, You’ve Got a Friend in Me from Toy Story and Reflection from Mulan. How on earth Hakuna Matata was left off the list, we don’t know.

The video shows Hernandez approach the officer.

"What’s going on with the music? Why are you doing this?" he asks.

"This is my district," Hernandez continues. "I’m embarrassed that this is how you’re treating my neighbors. There’s children here. Have some respect for my community."

The officer did apologize for his actions. In a statement, Police Chief David Valentin said he expects all of his officers to “perform their duties with dignity and respect in the community we are hired to serve."

Thanks to Councilman Hernandez, it’s unlikely the neighborhood will have any further issues with Disney tunes. In the words of Maui, You’re Welcome!