City Commission Meeting Ends in Tirade as Coronavirus Tensions Flare

Tensions are at an all-time high. State and local governments are on the frontlines of a public health crisis with no clear end in sight. Policy differences are becoming deeply personal as people confront their greatest fears over potential loss of life and economic devastation.

Those tensions reached a boiling point at a recent city commission meeting in Lake Worth Beach, Florida when a debate over utility shutoffs in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic ended in a tirade.

Commissioner Omari Hardy was upset at the city’s failure to stop utility shutoffs and began raising his voice about lack of action by the city. When Mayor Pam Triolo tried to end the meeting, Hardy turned his frustration toward her, accusing her of creating a “banana republic” and saying she “failed to act” for the working people in the city.

Watch the video above and read more about the exchange here.