Does San Clemente need a giant statue of the late actor Paul Walker? These Jeff Spicolis incarnate sure think so.

The totally amped surfer dudes, Chad Kroeger and Bodhi Johnson, recently pleaded with their city council to erect a monument to The Fast and the Furious star.

We’re “in the midst of gnarly times,” said Kroeger.

Who can argue with that?

What we need, he added, is an homage to a unifying figure like Paul Walker.

Walker was a Southern California native, but he was born in Glendale, not San Clemente. He attended high school in Sun Valley and was living in Santa Barbara when he died in 2013. The accident that claimed his life occurred in Santa Clarita. So why San Clemente? And why now?

“I’m pretty sure Paul’s cousin went to St. Clemente High School, for at least for a couple semesters,” said Johnson, “and Paul’s spirit encompasses what this town is all about. Which is why I’m here before you today. The thing is, though, I’m really busy right now, I’m taking a couple junior college classes, and I don’t have time to be driving all over fighting for statues.”