For four years, La Mirada resident Jeff Norton has transformed his home into the house from the 1989 classic, “National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation,” starring Chevy Chase. This year, the city says his display will have to go.

To make it even more realistic than in winters past, Norton added a fake second story with dark green shutters just like the house in the movie. City officials have deemed the structure unsafe.

The faux story is not permitted and has not been inspected, according to La Mirada’s city manager. While the city appreciates Norton’s beloved Griswold House tradition, officials fear the structure could fly off and hit someone, causing injury. Norton says that’s impossible.

Norton was given until Dec. 6 to remove the structure but he has declined. He’s now facing escalating fines that start at $100 a day.

Fans of the display have vowed to do what it takes to help Norton. No one’s walking out on this fun, old-fashioned Christmas tradition!

Update: The city has backed down.