Latinas in Political Office: What the Numbers Show

Although Hispanic women continue to be underrepresented in elected office, they have made notable strides in California government, particularly at the local level.

Brittany Maldonado 01/02/2024 - 7:37 AM
Meet California’s Youngest Mayor

Hipolito Angel Cerros made history one year ago when he became the mayor of Lindsay, California.

Brittany Maldonado 11/14/2023 - 9:14 AM
Stockton Among Four Blue-Collar Cities Featured in “The Fight to Save the Town”

Stanford Professor Michelle Wilde Anderson dives into the institutional challenges facing many cities and shows how local leaders and residents can come together to effect change. 

Brittany M. 07/06/2023 - 3:57 AM
Mike Madrid: It’s Time to End Our Sister City Relationships With Russia

"Fewer than a dozen California cities have formalized sister city relationships with Russian cities — but among them are some of the largest and most influential in the state, including Los Angeles (St. Petersburg), Long Beach (Sochi) and San Diego (Vladivostok). These cities should heed Zelensky’s call and renounce their sister city relationships with their Russian counterparts."

Brittany M. 06/09/2022 - 8:51 AM
5 Questions to Ask Before Starting the P2 Process

By Maureen Tobin & Kit Cole

Brittany M. 04/25/2022 - 2:19 PM
EXIT INTERVIEW: Randy Groom, Visalia's Retiring City Manager
Visalia City Manager Randy Groom will be retiring in September after nearly 40 years in the public sector. Groom virtually sat down with California City News for an “exit interview” to give us some reflections on nearly four decades of public service.
Brittany M. 08/24/2021 - 5:26 AM