(COLUSA, CA) November 16, 2022 – Colusa County and the surrounding region are experiencing the worst drought in decades. Water prioritization and other factors have impacted our local agriculture industry, ecosystem, and community. The drought has resulted in crisis-level economic impacts that have ramifications across the entire nation, threatening our country’s food supply. Immediate action is needed to address this catastrophic emergency.

Colusa County has been actively advocating for local financial support, and is releasing a selfproduced documentary to further highlight the seriousness of the issue, and amplify the ask.

“We are experiencing a confluence of crises resulting in catastrophic economic impact to our local agricultural industry,” said Colusa County Supervisor Daurice Kalfsbeek Smith. “We call on the State to provide immediate action to support our local economy, communities, and families.”

California is currently experiencing its third year of record drought with no end in sight. The current effects on water supply, particularly for farming operations, are immense. Initial projections estimate 800,000 acres of California farmland will be fallowed this year, including about 370,000 acres in the Sacramento Valley, presenting a threat to critical food supply and local economies.

Colusa County encourages residents, visitors, and all Californians to view the documentary, join in the request for local assistance. The documentary can be accessed here.