Senior Civil Engineers

County of Santa Cruz
831 454-2600

The County of Santa Cruz is currently

seeking Senior Civil Engineers interested

in working as a Traffic Engineer or

working in the Sanitation Division as a

Sanitation Design Engineer or a

Sanitation Operations Engineer.


($8,999 – 11,894 / Month)


Traffic Division: Join a team that will be working on a

variety of complex traffic issues countywide in our

beautiful coastal, agricultural and mountainous

communities. Incumbents perform and oversee traffic

engineering and traffic operations; design signal

systems and traffic operational improvements; perform

and oversee transportation related development

review. In addition to the required valid certificate of

registration as a Civil Engineer, a valid certificate of

registration as a Traffic Engineer issued by the

California Board of Professional Engineers is highly


Sanitation Division: This group is dedicated to

maintaining and upgrading the sanitation systems in

Santa Cruz County.


Sanitation Design Engineer: oversees the design

and engineering for sanitation projects including

sewer collection system upgrades, pump station

upgrades and a variety of other related projects.

Sanitation Operations Engineer: oversees the

operations staff and crews for three sanitation districts

and five County Service Areas.


To apply and for more information, please go online:


County of Santa Cruz Personnel Mission Statement: In

collaboration with our customers, we will recruit, develop,

support, and retain an ethical, professional, and diverse

workforce dedicated to serving the community.

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