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Regional Government Services is recruiting for a Senior Advisor with extensive experience as a public agency executive to fill an assignment with Richardson Bay Regional Agency (RBRA). The assigned incumbent will function as the Executive Director. Under broad policy direction, the Executive Director acts for the Board of Directors of RBRA in developing strategic initiatives, directing the operations of the Agency, and representing the interests of the Agency with other agencies, organizations, stakeholders, and public.

Responsibilities include carrying out the direction of RBRA Board in planning, directing, coordinating, and reviewing the activities and operations of the JPA; directing and supervising the activities of the consultants and contractors; and performing related work as required.

This position is responsible for the planning, resource management, and functioning of a joint powers’ agency, demanding an elevated level of skill, knowledge, and abilities in all aspects of administration. The work requires initiative, judgment, discretion, and the ability to make independent decisions within established policies, procedures, ordinances, laws, and regulations set forth by the Board of Directors of the Agency and Federal, State, and County governments.

Regional Government Services
Regional Government Services (RGS) is a unique California public agency serving the consulting, administrative, and project management needs of local governments. Our greatest asset is our expert Advisors who pride themselves on delivering outstanding services to support the mission of our partner agencies.
To provide this expertise, RGS has developed a highly flexible and adaptive team environment and work culture. We utilize technology to support a remote workforce of approximately one hundred Advisors. Our Advisors are trained and experienced public-sector professionals from a variety of relevant disciplines. We combine the strength of each Advisor's unique experiences, perspectives, and skills through teaming; leveraging their combined talents to benefit our partner agencies.

As an employer, RGS offers Advisors competitive compensation and benefits, client projects that offer rewarding and challenging work, and extraordinary flexibility. While client-interactive work must be done during core business hours, there is flexibility to do other work elements on a personalized schedule to maximize flexibility.

Richardson Bay Regional Agency 
The Richardson Bay Regional Agency is a local Joint Powers Authority, comprising the County of Marin, the cities of Mill Valley and Belvedere, and the Town of Tiburon. The RBRA is dedicated to maintaining and improving the navigational waterways, open waters, and shoreline of RBRA.

Transition Goal: A safe, healthy, and well-managed Richardson Bay Regional Agency.

Transition Principles:
Implement the 2021 Settlement Agreement between Richardson Bay Regional Agency and the Bay Conservation and Development Commission
Affirm Richardson Bay Regional Agency as a temporary anchorage and prevent additional vessels from extended stays.
Conditionally and with discretion, allow occupied legacy vessels that comply with RBRA requirements to remain for a limited period.
Support initiatives for relocating occupants of vessels to alternative housing.
Realize a decreasing number of occupied vessels over time.
Protect and promote eelgrass habitat and growth.

Advisor Core Competencies:

Adaptability/Flexibility - Responds effectively to multiple demands, ambiguity, shifting priorities, emerging situations, and rapid change.
Analytical Thinking - Identifies and defines problems; extracts key information from data; and develops workable solutions for the problems identified.
Collaboration - Fosters team communication and dialogue; identifies opportunities for building consensus for team options, decisions, and outcomes.
Communication - Effectively conveys and exchanges thoughts, opinions, and information verbally and in writing.
Decision Making/Problem Solving - Takes action that is consistent with available facts, constraints, and probable consequences to define problems and implement solutions.
Initiative - Identifies and takes action to address problems and opportunities.
Interpersonal Relations - Builds relationships based on mutual trust and respect.
Leadership - Inspires others toward a common vision and fosters trust and ethics
Reliability and Commitment - Shows commitment, dedication, and accountability, and follows through on all projects, goals, and aspects of one's work.
Results Oriented - Translates objectives into action plans, including identifying task interdependencies.

The Ideal Candidate will:
  • Be a curious and astute manager with demonstrated experience in successfully leading large or complex projects.
  • Build good relationships with clients and key stakeholders.
  • Build a high level of trust by understanding client's overall goals.
  • Have extensive experience as a local government executive or high-level manager with a collaborative, customer-oriented leadership style. 
  • Be an innovative, ethical, self-motivated, adaptable, organized leader who takes initiative and is comfortable working in a fluid and project-focused environment.
  • Communicates in a proactive, approachable, and responsive manner, demonstrating understanding of stakeholder interests and needs and commitment to meeting them. 
  • Have knowledge of principles and practices of team and project management work models, coupled with solid skills in setting performance expectations, defining deliverables, holding people accountable, and supporting effort through well-designed work processes.
  • Be analytical and appropriately meticulous.
  • Effectively and professionally communicates in writing, to prepare agendas, staff reports, and policy documents.
  • Be adept at identifying critical issues and resourceful in crafting feasible options to propose to partners and decision makers.
  • Be articulate and credible, have excellent communication and presentation skills, particularly in addressing non-expert audiences on complex matters. 
  • Be a successful relationship builder and collaborator accustomed to coordinating with regional partners.
  • Have knowledge of regulatory enforcement, ideally maritime regulations especially around anchorage.
  • Possesses a high level of comfort and competence with various technology and applications used in to work remotely including standard office applications.

To be considered for this exciting opportunity, candidates are invited to submit an application with a statement of interest and a focused resume detailing their recent (within the past 10 years) work experience and highlighting demonstrated career accomplishments relevant to this position.

When describing projects and programs managed, please include the name of each employer, number and composition of team(s) and your role(s), scope of responsibilities, and delivered products or services. Applications are screened continuously and those applicants meeting the minimum qualifications may be invited to an oral interview. 

Please apply immediately as this recruitment will close once a candidate has been selected.
Each candidate's background will be evaluated based on information submitted at the time of application, and qualified candidates will participate in a preliminary remote/phone interview. Only the most qualified candidates will be invited to participate in a structured interview process.

Additional inquiries about the position may be directed to Alicia Hicks at ahicks@rgs.ca.gov.

Regional Government Services is not responsible for failure of internet forms or email transmission in submitting your application.

Candidates with a disability who may require special assistance in any phase of the application or selection process should advise Human Resources by emailing ahicks@rgs.ca.gov

Regional Government Services is an Equal Opportunity Employer


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