Payroll Manager

County of Ventura
Until Filled
(805) 654-2563.

The County of Ventura offers an attractive compensation and benefits package.  In addition to the salary of approximately $100,409.67 to $140,573.53 annually an employee within this position will also be eligible for the following:
Educational Incentive - An educational incentive of 2.5% for completion of an associate's degree, 3.5% for completion of a bachelor's degree, OR 5% for completion of a graduate's degree. Alternatively, an incumbent accredited as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) by the State of California may receive a 5% incentive but not both the Educational and CPA incentives at the same time.  
Bilingual Incentive - Incumbents may also be eligible for bilingual incentive depending upon operational needs and certification skills.  
Annual Leave - 208 hours per year, increasing to 288 hours after 5 years of service.  
Annual Leave Redemption - The ability to "cash in" or redeem up to 100 hours of Annual Leave per year after using 80 hours.  
Deferred Compensation - Eligible to participate in the County's 401(k) Shared Savings Plan and/or the Section 457 Plan. This position is eligible for up to a 3% match on your 401(k) contributions.  
Health Plans – Flexible credit allowance of up to $11,674 annually for purchasing medical, dental, and/or vision insurance from a group of authorized plans.  
Flexible Spending Accounts - Choice of participation in the Flexible Spending Accounts which increase spending power through reimbursement of pre-tax dollars for IRS approved dependent care and health care expenses.  
Pension Plan - Both the County and employees contribute to the County's Retirement Plan and to Social Security.  If eligible, reciprocity may be established with other public retirement systems, such as PERS.    
Holidays - 11 paid days per year which includes a scheduled floating holiday. 
Ventura County is located on California’s “Gold Coast,” approximately 35 miles northwest of Los Angeles and 20 miles southeast of Santa Barbara. Residents enjoy rolling hills and sweeping ocean views in a nearly perfect Mediterranean climate. The beauty and weather combined with a wonderful quality of life are among the many reasons our residents choose to call Ventura County “home.”
Ventura County is a “general law” county, governed by a five-member, elected-by-district Board of Supervisors. The Supervisors appoint a County Executive Officer (CEO) to oversee the County budget, day-to-day operations, and to advise, assist, and act as an agent for the Board of Supervisors in all matters under the Board’s jurisdiction. It focuses on providing excellent services to its residents by promoting engagement, strategy, execution and accountability to include diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives to ensure that all employees are treated with respect and without discrimination, and to improve culturally appropriate outcomes for community members.
By State Law, the Auditor-Controller is charged with the responsibilities normally associated with that of the Chief Financial Officer.  The office is charged with the establishment and supervision of the accounting and financial operations of all activities under control of the Board of Supervisors.  The Auditor-Controller provides the County with professional fiscal leadership to protect the interests of the citizens of Ventura County; promotes public oversight; and provides accountability. These services are performed in a customer oriented, efficient, economical, and effective manner.
THE POSITION (Payroll Manager)

The Payroll Division is responsible for all centralized aspects of County payroll including: employee and retirement compensation and earnings calculations; direct deposit and check generation, Federal and State tax deposits; reconciliation of time/pay reported; and timely, accurate submission of statutory and regulatory State and Federal forms and reports. All activity is coordinated with County Executive Office, Human Resources, Labor Relations and Benefits Administration within the Ventura County Human Resources Payroll System (VCHRP), and retirement earnings reporting with the Ventura County Employee’s Retirement Association (VCERA). Other systems coordinated and interfaced with include financial, budget, collection and billing, and warrant reconciliation. The division’s goal is to provide essential service for accurate and timely compensation and retirement reporting to 10,000+ County, District and Superior Court employees for gross payroll in excess of $950 million.
Under general direction of the Deputy Director Auditor-Controller, the Payroll Manager plans, organizes, and directs the fiscal activities and operations services of the Payroll Division in the Auditor-Controller's Office.  This position selects, trains and supervises professional payroll staff; develops and implements payroll policies and procedures in accordance with laws, ordinances, rules and regulations; recommends and administers policies and procedures; and develops and implements long and short-term strategic plans in support of Payroll Division goals and objectives.

The successful candidate will have extensive experience interpreting and applying local, state, and federal rules and regulations governing payroll operations; working with automated systems for payroll processing, and reporting; and be skilled in learning complex payroll operations quickly and planning, directing, controlling, and managing payroll operations, staff, and services.
Additionally, the ideal candidate will have considerable experience with governmental payroll practices, procedures, and standards; supervision of staff in a public-sector environment including conducting performance evaluations; experience with Peoplesoft payroll modules and business rules in compliance with union memorandums of agreements.
Manager, Accounting – Auditor Controller
Manager, Accounting – Auditor Controller is a management classification and not eligible for overtime compensation.

Examples Of Duties
Duties may include but are not limited to the following:
  • Plans, organizes, manages and directs the activities and operations within the Payroll Division of the Office of the Auditor Controller; manages and participates in the development of division goals, objectives, policies and procedures;
  • Analyzes the division's overall fiscal data requirements for its various operations and directs the development and implementation of systems and procedures to meet those requirements;
  • Develops and implements payroll policies and procedures and ensures that activities are conducted in accordance with laws, ordinances, rules and regulations; recommends and administers policies and procedures;
  • Directly and through subordinate staff, selects, trains, and supervises professional, technical and clerical accounting staff; organizes and assigns appropriate workload levels; assigns and reviews work; establishes performance standards and evaluates work; provides or coordinates staff training; conducts performance evaluations; implements discipline procedures; ensures the provision of a high performing payroll operation to accurately produce enterprise payroll each pay period;
  • Plans and prepares various comprehensive financial, management and statistical reports such as the State Controller's Report and other statutory payroll and tax reports;
  • Analyzes new legislation and changes in regulations to determine impact on the Payroll Division's operations; advises executives accordingly, and devises strategies for coping and complying with changes;
  • Monitors and evaluates the efficiency and effectiveness of service delivery methods and procedures; recommends, within departmental policy, appropriate staffing levels; assesses and monitors workload, administrative and support system, and internal reporting relationships; identifies opportunities for process improvement; directs implementation of change;
  • Develops and implements long and short-term strategic plans in support of Payroll Division's goals and objectives;
  • Coordinates audits of assigned functional area with internal and external auditors;
  • Assists in the development of the Payroll Division's annual budget; monitors and controls the budget to ensure conformance with expenditure plans;
  • Reviews Board Letters and complex contracts on a County­wide basis to ensure they are written in accordance with County policy and that contract terms are appropriate; administers payment provisions of contracts to ensure compliance with contract terms and conditions;
  • Serves as Team Lead for the Payroll functional area to document, test, convey, train and roll out the Ventura County Human Resource and Payroll (VCHRP) System upgrades to users;
  • Serves as a member of various committees as assigned;
  • Attends and conducts a variety of meetings including management and staff meeting;
  • Serves as liaison to local, state and federal agencies, and to other County departments and external organization on operational issues and policies;
  • Performs other related duties as required.
Typical Qualifications
These are entrance requirements to the examination process and assure neither continuance in the process nor placement on an eligible list.
Extensive education and experience which has led to the acquisition of the required knowledge, skills, and abilities.
An example of qualifying experience and education includes:
Possession of a Bachelor's degree with at least eighteen (18) semester units of college-level accounting, business and/or business-related coursework (e.g., public administration, information technology, etc.)
Five (5) years of progressively responsible professional payroll accounting experience of which four (4) years must be at a supervisory or management level with responsibilities for payroll operations;
Two (2) years as a Manager, Accounting II for the County of Ventura.
Education/Experience Substitutions
The following may substitute for one (1) year of professional payroll experience for a maximum substitution limit of one (1) year experience:  

Certified Public Accountant (CPA) license issued by the State of California; 
Certified Payroll Professional (CPP) certificate; 
Master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA), Public Administration (MPA) or a related degree. 
Must possess or obtain and maintain a valid California driver license.
Intermediate proficiency in Microsoft Word and Excel.

  • Processing payroll within a large, diverse enterprise with 2,000 or more FTEs;
  • Managing payroll projects, such as implementation of or updates to automated payroll systems, implementing procedures in compliance with local, state and/or federal rules and regulations governing payroll operations, or similar payroll projects;  
  • Planning, directing, controlling, and managing payroll operations and services.  
Verification of the required college degree and 18 semester units of college-level accounting, business and/or business-related coursework (e.g., public administration, information technology, etc.) is required:
  • Submit within three days of this recruitment closing your college transcripts/grade reports from an accredited college or university which shows your name, the conferred date of your degree and the major area of study;     
  • If you need additional time to submit transcripts, contact the analyst conducting the recruitment for an extension.  
  • Unofficial transcripts are acceptable.  
Degree(s) from a foreign institution require an academic credential evaluation to determine the U.S. equivalency.  
  • If the name on this documentation is different from the name on your application, include documents that show the name change (e.g., a marriage certificate).
Possession of a relevant certification (e.g., Certified Payroll Professional, Certified Public Accountant).
Experience with: 
  • Governmental payroll operations; 
  • PeopleSoft payroll modules; 
  • Supervision of staff in a public-sector environment including performance management;  
  • Payroll functions, practices, and/or procedures aligned with union memorandums of agreement. 

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities
Thorough and comprehensive knowledge of: operations, services and activities of the Payroll division; Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), practices and standards; financial and operational auditing standards and techniques; principles and practices of leadership, motivation, team building and conflict resolution; principles and practices of supervision, training and performance evaluation in a public-sector environment; principles and practices of organization, administration and personnel management; principles and practices of project management; local, state and federal rules and regulations governing payroll operations including government accounting and auditing practices, procedures and standards; memorandums of agreement applicable to payroll functions, practices, procedures and standards; knowledge of the application of automated systems for payroll processing and reporting.
Skilled in: research, problem solving, data analysis; written and verbal communication; learning complex payroll operations quickly; management and leadership; planning, directing, controlling payroll operations, staff and services; relationship building with people at all levels of County operations; interpreting and applying provision of codes, regulations, statutes and ordinances relevant to assigned operations; developing and implementing fiscal monitoring and control mechanisms; planning and implementing the application of automated systems for payroll processing and reporting; developing and conducting effective presentations to County management, executives, Board of Supervisors and employees; use of computers and related technology including software applications specific to the work performed, such as large human resource and payroll systems, such as PeopleSoft.
Ability to: plan, organize, lead and manage the work of supervisory, professional, technical and clerical fiscal staff; model leadership behavior; gain cooperation through dialogue and influence; analyze and evaluate administrative and abstract auditing concepts and procedures; develop and implement new or revised policies and procedures to adapt to internal and external policy changes or legal mandates; analyze problems, identify alternative solutions, project consequences of proposed actions and implement recommendations; manage the production of various critical, enterprise-wide, comprehensive reports; exercise sound judgment in sensitive situations; communicate effectively, both orally and in writing; and establish and maintain effective working relationships with those contacted in the course of work.

Recruitment Process

This is a continuous recruitment and may close at any time; therefore, apply as soon as possible if you are interested in it.  Your application must be received by County of Ventura Human Resources in Ventura, California, no later than 5:00 p.m. on the closing date.
FIRST REVIEW of applications will be November 10, 2021. 
To apply on-line, please refer to our web site at or click here Payroll Manager.  A paper application can be obtained by calling (805) 654-5129.  Our address is County of Ventura Human Resources Division, 800 South Victoria Avenue, L-1970, Ventura, CA 93009.
Note to Applicants:  Sufficient information must be provided under the Education/Work Experience portions of the application and supplemental questionnaire to thoroughly and accurately demonstrate your qualifications to determine eligibility.  A resume may be attached to supplement your responses in the above sections; however, it may not be submitted in lieu of the application.
NOTE: If presently permanently employed in another "merit" or "civil service" public agency/entity in the same or substantively similar position as is advertised, and if appointed to that position by successful performance in a "merit" or "civil service" style examination, then appointment by "Lateral Transfer" may be possible.  If interested, please click here (Download PDF reader) for additional information.
All applicants are required to complete and submit the questionnaire for this exam at the time of filing. This questionnaire and may be used throughout the examination process to assist in determining each applicant's qualifications and acceptability for the position.
All applications will be reviewed to determine whether the stated requirements are met. Applicants meeting the stated requirements will be invited to continue to the next step in the recruitment process.
A Training and Experience Evaluation (T&E) is a structured evaluation of the job application materials submitted by a candidate, with special emphasis on the written responses to the supplemental questionnaire. The T&E is NOT a determination of whether the candidate meets the stated requirements; rather, the T&E is one method for determining who are the better qualified among those who have shown that they meet the stated requirements. In a T&E, applications are either scored or rank ordered according to criteria that most closely meet the business needs of the department. Candidates are typically scored/ranked in relation to one another; consequently, when the pool of candidates is exceptionally strong, many qualified candidates may receive a score or rank which is moderate or even low resulting in them not being advanced in the process.
NOTE: In a typical T&E, your training and experience are evaluated in relation to the background, experience and factors identified for successful job performance during a job analysis. For this reason, it is recommended that your application materials clearly show your relevant background and specialized knowledge, skills, and abilities. It is also highly recommended that the supplemental questions within the application are completed with care and diligence. Applicants must earn a score of seventy percent (70%) or higher to qualify for placement on the eligible list.

If there are three (3) or fewer qualified applicants, a T&E Evaluation will not be conducted. Instead, a score of seventy percent (70%) will be assigned to each application, and each applicant will be placed on the eligible list.
Candidates successfully completing the examination process may be placed on an eligible list for a period of six months.
The eligible list established from this recruitment may be used to fill present and future Regular (Temporary or Fixed-term), Intermittent, or Extra Help vacancies for this position only. There is currently one (1) Regular vacancy within the Auditor Controller's Office.
The selected candidate may be subjected to a thorough post-offer, pre-employment background investigation which may include inquiry into past employment, education, criminal background information, and driving record.
For further information about this recruitment, please contact Katie Reynolds by e-mail at or by telephone at (805) 654-2563.