Neighborhood Preservation Specialist I

City of Madera

Neighborhood Preservation Specialist I
Apply by 3 PM. Friday, February 11, 2022 
* 3% pay incentive for BA/BS Degree *
* 2% COLA effective July 2022, 2023, and 2024 *
* $1,500 lump sum July 2022, 2023, and 2024 *
* $2,400/year tuition reimbursement for college *

The Neighborhood Preservation Specialist I assists in the inspection of residential dwellings and commercial buildings to identify violations and to cite and enforce provisions of the City Municipal Code and California Health and Safety Code, and recommends improvements in neighborhoods with regard to unsafe and substandard buildings.

Education/Experience: 3 years experience working with the public in the interpretation and application of laws, codes, rules and procedures, and a high school diploma or equivalent
License/Certificate: Valid Class C DL. Must complete PC 832 Laws of Arrest course within six months of hire (training to be provided by the City). Must complete Certified Basic and Advanced Code Enforcement Certificates from the Sacramento Training Center to be considered for promotion.

Only those applicants who meet the qualification standards of this position by the application filing deadline will be allowed to participate in the examination process. Examination scores determine standing on Civil Service eligibility lists. The City Manager, upon recommendation of the department head, will make the final selection and appointment from the established eligibility list.
The examination process may consist of the following parts: Application Package Review: Qualifying Only; Oral Exam; 100% Weight Value. Candidates must earn a score of 70% or higher to be considered for the eligibility list.
Applicants who require special examination accommodations due to a disability should contact the Human Resources Department five (5) business days prior to any scheduled examination at (559) 661-5401.
Applicants may be eligible for Veteran’s Preference Points (5 points) and should attach a DD214 to their employment application for consideration of this preference.

Compensation and benefits for the  Neighborhood Preservation Specialist I position are defined in the Memorandum of Understanding between the City and the General Bargaining Unit, as well as the City’s Personnel Rules. The Neighborhood Preservation Specialist I is assigned to Range 310 of the City of Madera Salary Schedule. City employees are paid every 2 weeks, or 26 times per year. The bi-weekly steps within this range are as follows. 
Step A $1,603.68
Step B $1,684.17
Step C $1,768.22
Step D $1,856.86
Step E $1,949.58
Step F $2,046.88

The City participates in the CalPERS defined benefit retirement system. Retirement formulas and 
contributions are as follows.  The terms “Classic Member” and “New Member” are as defined by 
Classic Members employed with the City prior to 10/20/2012
▪     2.5% at 55 formula, single highest year final compensation
▪     Employee Contribution paid by the employee pre-tax: 3.375%
Tier I Members employed with the City on or after 10/20/2012
▪     2%  at 60 formula, average three year final compensation
▪     Employee Contribution paid by the employee pre-tax: 3.375%
New Members employed with the City on or after 1/1/2013
▪     2% at 62 formula, average three year final compensation
▪     Employee Contribution paid by the employee pre-tax: 7%

The City contributes a monthly amount for the employee to use to purchase health, dental and vision 
coverage. For medical coverage, the City contracts with Anthem Blue Cross or Kaiser. Dental 
insurance is through Delta Dental and vision coverage is through Superior.

The City of Madera offers an employee assistance program or employees and dependents that provides 
counseling and other services for dealing with life’s challenges at no cost to the employee.

The City of Madera offers a generous paid leave program, including paid
holidays, sick leave, and vacation.

The City provides a $25,000 life and accidental death and dismemberment policy along with $5,000 
dependent life. The employee may purchase additional supplemental life insurance for him/herself, 
spouse and/or dependents.

The City contributes an amount equal to 1.45% of the employee’s salary; the employee also 
contributes 1.45%.

This city paid benefit provides up to 2/3-income protection.

English/Spanish for qualifying individuals and positions after passing annual bilingual test.

The City offers a paid/vested contribution of 4.2% of base pay to one of two 457 plans offered to 
the employee.  In addition, the employee may also contribute, though not required.

General Bargaining Unit employees will receive a 3% incentive for an approved Bachelor’s Degree. 
Incentives are calculated on base pay.

Applications may be obtained from the City’s website apply or by calling the City’s 
Human Resources Department at (559)661- 5401. Applications must be submitted to the City’s Human 
Department prior to the application deadline. Appointment will be contingent upon an extensive 
background check, polygraph, pre-employment physical and drug