Municipal Utilities Manager - Wastewater

City of Redding
(530) 225-4065
(530) 225-4062

The Municipal Utilities Manager for the Wastewater Utility reports to the Assistant Director of Public Works and is responsible for the day-to-day management of the Wastewater Utility, which operates two regional wastewater treatment plants and manages 416 miles of sewer line and 17 lift stations.


The nature of the position will require a broad experience base with capital project planning, implementation, and management; multi-year financial plans, including budgets, revenue, and expenditure forecasts; and revenue source analytics related to rate setting and development impact fees and asset management programs.  Leadership will be a key attribute in developing the skills and capacity of staff and in setting a positive tone for customer service and productivity efforts.  The new manager will present to the City Council and interact with customers and other members of the City leadership team.  Excellent verbal and written communication and strong administration skills are expected in the capacity.


If you are interested in pursuing this highly desired career opportunity, please review the detailed Job Bulletin for additional information and application instructions.