Library Director

City of Monterey, California
(916) 471-3126

City of Monterey, California

Library Director
Annual salary: $186,984
Final filing date: Tuesday, May 31, 2022.

This is a unique opportunity for a progressive, visionary library professional to join and build a dedicated staff in leading an exceptional public library in this beautiful and historically significant California coastal community.

Monterey is an economic, educational, and cultural hub for the region. Prior to the pandemic, the Library was a bustling destination, visited on average by over 800 people each day. MPL has consistently exceeded California statewide averages for library service metrics including circulation, program attendance, and Internet usage. MPL has about the same number of cardholders as the City has residents, an indication of its popularity among the broader community. The Library has an excellent location at the edge of downtown, on a prominent corner surrounded by other civic facilities such as the historic City Hall, police and fire headquarters, and the school district office.

The Board of Library Trustees is seeking an experienced, progressive, visionary leader committed to reimagining library services in response to community needs. The next Director will be able to invigorate stakeholders and create buy-in around the initiatives necessary to innovate, raise funds, and accomplish strategic goals. Exceptional communication skills – that include public speaking, active listening, and effective writing – are essential to the success of the next Director. This committed public servant will be politically astute and possess the ability to collaborate with their City colleagues while advocating for the needs of the Library. Also important is the ability to effectively lead and manage change and address short-term challenges while fostering a long-term vision.

To learn more and to apply, please go to:

Pam Derby
CPS HR Consulting
(916) 471-3126

To view an online brochure for this position visit:
City of Monterey, California website:

The City of Monterey, California is an equal opportunity employer.

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