Interim Assistant City Manager

City of San Luis Obispo

City of San Luis Obispo - Interim Assistant City Manager Opportunity

With the recent appointment of Derek Johnson as City Manager, the Assistant City Manager position is vacant.  After careful consideration, Derek has decided to recruit an Interim Assistant City Manager.  Filling the position on an interim basis provides flexibility as we navigate the development of a Fiscal Health Response Plan and provides for continued progress on critical goals and objectives.  This interim position is expected to commence in December 2017 and continue for approximately one year, at which time the City will determine the needs and future role of this position at the City.

Some of the projects and opportunities for the Interim Assistant City Manager during this time period will include:

  • Leading efforts associated with the Major City Goal Fiscal Sustainability and Responsibility and development of the Fiscal Health Response Plan. 
  • Assisting the City Manager in the day to day operations of the City;
  • Supervising multiple programs including: the City Clerk, Natural Resources, Economic Development, Tourism, Community Promotions, and Cultural Activities Programs.
  • Coordination of the Agenda Report review process and the City Manager Report process.
  • Serving on high profile project teams such as Avila Ranch, San Luis Ranch, and the Diablo Canyon Power Plant closure coalition of cities.

Apply by Nov 2, 2017 online at

Interviews will be scheduled as soon as possible and we anticipate no later than November 16th with a possible appointment in December.


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