Information Technology Director

City of Santa Barbara
(805) 564-5316


The new Information Technology Director will partner with stakeholders to assess current state and formulate strategic plans to fully build the department, streamlining and integrating key business initiatives and plans within the City structure. 

This new role calls for collaboration across the organization on strategy and operations, innovation, utilization of in-house talent and appropriate use of third party contractors, for service delivery, optimizing methods and tools to accelerate transformative changes of  modernization, and to provide for a future-proof technology foundation of flexible and scalable systems to speed the release of IT products and support to the organization.

We are looking for a candidate with a combination of excellent technical, managerial and communications skills. As a department head, the candidate must have experience in leading, motivating and directing  staff  strategically in various specialties.  The Information Technology Director is expected to be engaged and knowledgeable about all aspects of operations, budgeting, project management and personnel administration.  This position is an at-will appointment and serves at the pleasure of the City Administrator.


The ideal candidate will be a visionary and innovative leader with exceptional interpersonal relationship skills. They will have demonstrated experience in advancing all areas of Information Technology services and deliverables, providing overall direction to the department.  The candidate selected as the next Information Technology Director will:
  • Be an experienced leader who possesses outstanding interpersonal, organizational, innovation and leadership skills.
  • Be open and honest and possess a reputation as a competent, fair, and consistent leader and have a sound record of ethical and professional conduct.
  • Be politically astute, yet apolitical and able to thrive in a complex organization.
  • Demonstrate and promote the highest standards of personal and professional conduct.
  • Establish positive relationships with employees throughout the organization and place a high value on the professional development of staff.
  • Be able to formulate long-range plans that communicate future vision, direction, and leadership expectations.
  • Have an understanding of policy decision-making, including working collaboratively across the organization and with elected officials and local, State, and Federal agencies.
  • Be comfortable working with a variety of individuals at any level in the organization.
  • Possess excellent writing skills, a highly articulate oral communicative style, and the ability to clearly explain complex issues to a wide variety of constituents.

In summary, qualified candidates will excel in providing executive leadership and guidance to a newly formed department within the City organization. 


The City of Santa Barbara will give consideration to all qualified candidates who apply and demonstrate executive level experience in an organization of similar relative complexities. An understanding of key issues faced in complex organizations with a variety of technology solutions implemented, and more in the pipeline will be of significant importance to the City. The review and evaluation of qualifications will be at the discretion of the City, based on the most appropriate combination of experience and education that provides the knowledge, skills, and abilities required.


The new Information Technology Director will need to address a number of opportunities and challenges that will require inspired leadership, diplomacy, collaboration, and creative problem-solving including:

  • Cooperatively develop organizational policies, such as the deployment of new technologies or the need to leverage existing enterprise systems.
  • Collaborate with key stakeholders regarding strategic deployment and service delivery strategies such as migration of on-premise systems to the cloud.
  • Enhance already successful Information Technology services to the City through effective relationships with key City stakeholders
  • Developing and implementing succession planning throughout the IT organization and implementing improved programs to recruit, train, and retain a diverse workforce.
  • Serving as a valued member of the Executive Management Team and working effectively and collaboratively with other departments throughout the City; and
  • Ensuring adherence to the mission of enhancing public access to City resources, and meeting the evolving needs of the community served.


Education:  A typical way of obtaining the knowledge, skills and abilities outlined above is a Bachelor's degree in public administration or related field, preferably supplemented by training and certification in information technology  management practices.  A master’s degree is desirable.
Experience: Eight or more years of progressively responsible experience in information technology management; with at least five years of management and / or executive experience.