County of San Mateo


County of San Mateo

$6,373 - $7,966/Month


The County of San Mateo Human Services Agency is currently seeking a Human Services Hearings Officer. Under general supervision, the incumbent will review and investigate appeals and complaints from clients involving social services programs; conduct evidentiary hearings and write formal decisions; represent the Human Services Agency on appeal and complaint matters; prepare and present the County's case at State and County hearings; and perform related work as required. The incumbent will represent the County in State hearings in all Department of Social Services programs and in Department of Health cases. A Hearing Officer will also serve as the arbitrator in County programs and Civil Rights investigations for client Civil Rights complaints. 


Responsibilities include:


  • Reviewing and investigating appealed actions and case records for facts and points of law, and submitting effective recommendations
  • Re-evaluating County's decision for categorical aid and service programs; determining if County's action was in compliance with State statutes and regulations
  • Investigating feasibility of pre-hearing settlements and providing recommendation to resolve appeals and complaints 
  • Investigating customer complaints of discriminatory conduct, conducting evidentiary interviews and submitting findings and conclusions to the State Civil Rights Bureau 
  • Representing the Human Services Agency at State hearings and presenting oral arguments during the hearing; defending Agency's interpretation of regulations and providing legally binding stipulations
  • Preparing written Statement of Position; preparing witnesses and ordering subpoenas for hearings 
  • Serving as hearing officer in evidentiary and grievance hearings for the department and other agencies
  • Training department staff on hearing processes and client Civil Rights 
  • Maintaining hearing records and preparing written decisions
  • Supporting, assisting and guiding workers in difficult situations, including contact with distraught customers
  • Informing staff on corrective actions to be taken on appeal and complaint matters
  • Representing the Agency and maintaining liaison with the State, contractors, elected and appointed officials and other organizations


The ideal candidate will have 3 years of experience in programmatic experience in a human services or related program; knowledge of Medi-Cal, CalFresh, CalWORKS and General Assistance programs and regulations; excellent interpersonal and written/verbal communication skills; strength in analyzing policies and regulations; and the ability to work independently.


Final Filing Date: June 22, 2017

To learn more about this position and to apply online, please visit our website at Applications are only accepted online.  EOE