Fire Marshal & Deputy Fire Marshal - 2 Positions

City of San Marcos

Position Information:
The Deputy Fire Marshal and Fire Marshal will be responsible for planning, organizing, coordinating, and directing both the City's and San Marcos Fire Protection District's Fire Prevention Program including investigations, inspections and public fire education programs; providing training and coordination to Fire Department personnel in fire prevention and protection techniques; managing the Fire Prevention Intern Program, conducting plan checks, construction inspections, and annual fire inspections; enforcing City and State fire and safety laws.
Applicants are required to demonstrate through the application materials that he/she meets the minimum qualifications for the position(s) he/she is applying for. Copies of transcripts (non-official is acceptable), degrees, certifications, course completions, licenses, etc are required to be submitted as an attachment to the application to demonstrate that you currently possess valid credentials for the minimum requirements of the positions(s) you are applying for. Applications that do not include copies of the requirements will be considered incomplete.

In addition to the submitted application and credential materials, a submitted written exercise is required. Further information and detailed instructions can be found in the Supplemental Questions Tab of the posting or at the bottom of the printed page. Applications that do not include the required written response will be considered incomplete.
For complete job descriptions, requirements, supplemental questionnaire and online application visit our website

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