Director of Animal Services

County of Ventura
Until Filled


Each year, Ventura County Animal Services (VCAS) cares for more than 10,000 stray and surrendered animals at two life-saving shelters within the county. In 2014, VCAS became the largest Open Admission Municipal Animal Shelter in California with a Save Rate of over 90%.

Director - Animal Services is responsible for managing the activities and staff engaged in the enforcement of animal regulation, laws, ordinances, codes, the operation of animal shelters, and the provisioning of animal services to cities and unincorporated areas.

The ideal candidate will be a collaborative leader with experience in Animal Services program management, community development and outreach, and will be a continuous student of best practices in the animal sheltering industry. This candidate must also have a vision for future sustainability, while being firmly committed to the "No Kill" philosophy of saving lives through positive outcomes like open adoption, fostering, pet retention, etc.

The County of Ventura seeks a highly effective and communicative leader who will have the political and business acumen to foster and navigate relations with officials at all levels of government, other public entities, interest groups and the community at large.


Considerable experience in either senior management of a municipal animal shelter or animal control facility; or three years’ experience in a senior position with transferable skills such as business, law, veterinary medicine, communications, public administration or other related field.

To apply submit an online application at and attach your current resume or email your resume and cover letter to


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