Deputy Health Officer

County of Sonoma

The Department of Health Services (DHS) seeks a skilled and dynamic physician to become Deputy Health Officer for the County of Sonoma 

Starting salary up to $225,826/year, 
a cash allowance of approximately $600/month,
and a comprehensive benefits package*

Working at the County of Sonoma offers expansive opportunities for growth and development, the ability to be a part of a challenging and rewarding work environment, and the satisfaction of knowing you're working to better our communities. You can also look forward to excellent benefits* including:
An annual Staff Development/Wellness Benefit allowance up to $1,700 and ongoing education/training opportunities
Competitive vacation and sick leave accruals, 12 paid holidays, and an additional 8 floating holiday hours per year
County paid premium contribution to several health plan options
County contribution to a Health Reimbursement Arrangement to help fund post-retirement employee health insurance/benefits
May be eligible for up to 8 weeks (320 hours) of Paid Parental Leave after 12 months of County employment
Retirement fully integrated with Social Security
Eligibility for a salary increase after 1,040 hours (6 months when working full-time) for good work performance; eligibility for a salary increase for good performance every year thereafter, until reaching the top of the salary range 
The Position

Working closely with the health care community, the Deputy Health Officer works to improve the health of the population, educate residents about disease prevention, provides medical care to specific populations, and advances personal and population-based health programs and policies. This position serves as a section manager in the Public Health Division, and works closely with the Public Health Division Director and program support staff. Reporting directly to the Health Officer, this position shares responsibility for the protection of county residents from public health hazards.

Currently, the Deputy Health Officer oversees a range of medical and administrative functions, providing medical expertise and management for programmatic units including Disease Control and Surveillance, Clinical Laboratory Services, Emergency Medical Services, the Sexual Assault Response Team, Public Health All-Hazards Preparedness, Juvenile Justice System Health Services, and medical and health related issues for the Environmental Health and Safety Section. This position also supports the Health Officer and the Public Health Division Director in addressing key public health priorities as needed and acts as Interim Health Officer in their absence.

The Deputy Health Officer can look forward to:
Participating on the Public Health Division's Leadership Team and working in collaboration with others to determine goals and objectives for the Public Health Division in alignment with the Department's strategic plan
Coordinating with the Health Officer to develop medical policies and protocols for the Department and supporting the Health Officer in leading the response to urgent threats to the public's health, including epidemics and all hazards
Serving as a medical expert on public health issues and conducting training for staff and providers related to communicable diseases, food-borne outbreaks, EMS, and various program-related rules and regulations
Representing DHS and serving on various Boards and Committees, including the Infectious Disease Task Force, the Health Care Disaster Planning Forum, and at the request of the Sheriff, the Quality Assurance Committee overseeing health care services at the adult detention facilities
Directly supervising a Supervising Communicable Disease Nurse, the Public Health Laboratory Director, the Emergency Medical Services Administrator, the Public Health Preparedness Manager, and the Juvenile Justice Health Program Manager.  
The Ideal Candidate

Our next Deputy Public Health Officer will be a proven leader with a strategic viewpoint. One who develops partnerships and works collaboratively with stakeholders to direct the planning, development, implementation, and evaluation of public health programs, projects, and services. Additionally, they will have:
Strong clinical infectious disease experience
Local health jurisdiction experience in the areas of communicable disease control, public health, environmental health, community based emergency medical services, sexual assault response, and/or all-hazards preparedness
Significant experience effectively managing budgets, staff, and operational functions
Performance management experience with the proven ability to improve the effectiveness of Public Health programs, services, and the workforce
Superb communication skills, delivering clear and persuasive messages through written and oral presentations 
The Department

DHS is one of the County's largest and most complex departments. DHS consists of the Administration, Behavioral Health, and Public Health Divisions and are driven by their mission to promote, protect, and ensure access to services that support the health, recovery, and well-being of all in Sonoma County. These ideas are the basis for how DHS operates and delivers services:
Excellence -  Strive to create a culture of learning, innovation, and data-driven practices in order to guide internal operations, improve performance, and build staff expertise
Collaboration - Engage and work collaboratively with partners, communities, and staff to maximize its impact across the County
Equity - Work to reduce disparities and ensure fairness, compassion, and social justice 
The DHS FY 19-20 budget of approximately $243 million supports over 500 full-time equivalent positions. Revenue sources include State and Federal funds, fees and reimbursements for services, and the County General Fund. For further information regarding the department, its programs, services, and partnerships, please visit the DHS website.
For more information & to apply online, visit or call 707-565-2331. EOE Apply by 7/31/19