Community Preparedness Program Manager

County of Sonoma

The County of Sonoma seeks an experienced Emergency Management/Preparedness professional to plan and coordinate the County's Community Preparedness Program. Starting salary up to $127,022/year and a cash allowance of $600/month.

The Community Preparedness Program Manager plays an integral role in spearheading and coordinating efforts through the development of the County's emergency preparedness instruction and information programs, the development and distribution of public information related to emergency preparedness, and the delivery of public emergency preparedness trainings. Additionally, this role will serve as the County's Community Preparedness Program liaison with other County departments, organizations, stakeholders, community groups, and work groups, including Volunteer Organizations Active in Disaster, and be responsible developing and implementing Community Emergency Response Team training. This vital position will also have responsibility for engaging the public and stakeholder organizations, participating in advisory committees and work groups, and representing the County before all levels of governing bodies to create a comprehensive emergency preparedness program that benefits the County of Sonoma.

*Salary is negotiable and benefits described herein do not represent a contract and may be changed without notice. For more information & to apply online, visit or call 707-565-2331. EOE Apply by 2/28/19

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