Communications & Engagement Coordinator

County of Sonoma

Salary: $7,623 - $9,266 /Mo
The County Administrator's Office seeks an experienced public relations professional with the knowledge, talent, and passion to become their Communications & Engagement Coordinator
The Communications & Engagement Coordinator collaborates with staff, department heads, other agencies, and the Board of Supervisors to carry out communication, media relations, and community engagement projects and policy initiatives. This position is an exciting opportunity to participate in the creation and development of motivations and strategies to engage the community and further the County's goals and Board led priority projects.
Working under the direction of the Community and Government Affairs Manager, the Communications & Engagement Coordinator performs complex analytical work, and develops, plans, implements, and oversees Countywide public information/relations, education, and program activities. 
The ideal candidate for this position will possess:
Significant experience managing initiatives and overseeing public relations and information programs for the public sector
Excellent oral and written communication skills
Experience communicating and collaborating with media outlets
Bilingual English/Spanish skills are highly desirable including the ability to translate print and oral communications
For more information, minimum qualifications, & to apply online, please visit or call 707-565-2331. EOE Apply by 7/25/18


Tuesday, October 9, 2018 - 17:31

Last month, MuniServices / Avenu published a legislative update that focused on over 50 bills, which impacted local revenue streams or administration in one way or another, that had made it to the