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The City of Azusa was founded in 1887 and incoporated in 1898 as a general law city and operates under a Council/Manager form of government.  The City Council has five members elected at large for four-year overlapping terms.  The Mayor is directly elected and serves a two-year term.  The elected City Clerk and City Treasurer each serve four year terms. The City Council selects the City Manager who serves at the pleasure of the the Council as administrative head of City Government.  While the elected Council provides political leadership and makes policy, the City Manager directs City department in carrying out the policy. 


The City operates with a balanced fiscal year 17/18 budget. The City-Wide All Funds Budget is in excess of $168 million with a General Fund Budget of approximately $40 million. The City has approximately 252 full-time and 68 part-time employees providing a full range of municipal services to over 49,484 residents including public safety (police), public works, library, utilities (light & water), economic development as well as parks and recreations.  Fire Services are provided by the Los Angeles County Fire Department.  The City has seven labor associations which six of the seven will expire in 2018.


Azusa community celebrates a strong sense of history and family with diverse neighborhoods and a vibrant industrial base.  With active citizens charting a new vision, Azusa is becoming a model of an older suburban community undergoing exciting renewal. Therefore, the ideal candidate should posess excellent management and listening skills, a collaborative teambuilding style, and strives to provide excellent customer service to a highly engaged community. Communication skills and an innovative approach to potential issues are essential.  The ideal candidate also will need a solid employment history in Fiscal Management and Economic Development.


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