Assistant County Administrative Officer

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The Assistant County Administrative Officer (ACAO) is a Department Head position reporting to the County Administrative Officer (CAO) and assists in all areas of governmental administration including policy, plans, procedures, organizational and operational matters, financial matters, information technology oversight, human resources and legislative matters, and the County’s budget. The ACAO may also assume interim executive management of Departments, as needed or assigned.

This is an exempt, at-will position and may be removed at any time, with or without cause, and without the right of appeal.


Education/Experience: A Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent advanced education that would provide the
required knowledge & ability needed for success in this position and with five years of experience
in which the person has demonstrated successfully  the knowledge and skills necessary to develop,
evaluate, and administer varied types of governmental and/or information technology programs
requiring large expenditures of funds and staff resources.


License: Ability to possess and maintain a valid California driver’s license, Class C, to carry out
job related duties. Individuals  who do not meet this requirement due to a physical or mental
disability may request a reasonable accommodation.


Knowledge of:

  • Quality management principles and applications
  • Strategic planning, forecasting, cost benefits analysis, and development or utilization of various methods of financing
  • Legislative process and the sequence of events needed to insure successful legislative outcomes
  • Organizational analyses techniques required to assess organizational structure, information systems, and staff resources
  • Effective human resource management practices including techniques of selecting, assigning, supervising, training, developing and evaluating multidisciplinary professional and administrative staff
  • Principles and practices of risk management
  • Information technology systems and current trends; current principles and practices of public administration
  • Federal, State, and County laws and regulations applicable to the delivery of public services


Ability to:

  • Apply quality principles, leadership, motivation, teambuilding and conflict resolution
  • Plan, design, develop, implement, operate, oversee, and maintain County administrative, operational, financial, information technology, human resources, and diversified multi-disciplinary programs
  • Exercise leadership responsibility, initiative, ingenuity, independent analysis and judgment in solving highly specialized technical, administrative, financial human resources, and managerial problems
  • Analyze contracts and formulate procedures governing the awarding of contracts
  • Establish and maintain effective working relationships with administrative and technical staff, consumers, and the community
  • Build technology awareness and understanding at all levels of the County
  • Determine the need and priority of information technology programs
  • Recommend allocation of resources and participate in short and long range budget planning and preparation
  • Understand, create, interpret and apply complex regulations, guidelines and labor laws, County provisions and Memoranda of Understanding
  • Effectively direct the assembly and organization of reports containing alternative solutions and recommendations regarding plans, policies and programs
  • Speak effectively before groups and organizations for the purpose of conveying important issues in understandable terminology, and make written and oral presentations


Our ideal candidate is a seasoned professional who will have excellent interpersonal abilities, versatile communication skills, convey self-confidence, take initiative, value personal and fiscal integrity and consistently demonstrate good judgment. Our candidate will have the ability to work as a team with the County Administrative Officer, department heads (both elected and appointed), subordinate staff, the Board of Supervisors, and the public. He/she will have a wide understand of County functions including, but not limited to, social and human service agencies, law enforcement, and fiscal and human resources functions.  He/she will have a customer service focus, passion for serving our client base and respect cultural and economic differences.


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