Assistant City Manager

City of Camarillo

Camarillo is located on the Pacific coastal plain, halfway between Santa Barbara and Los Angeles. Only 15 minutes from the ocean, it has a mild year-round climate and is surrounded by scenic mountains and hills and highly productive agricultural land.

Camarillo is the fifth largest city in Ventura County with a population of more than 67,000 residents. The most recent census indicates that Camarillo has a high percentage of college-educated and professionally employed residents and ranking fourth among Ventura County’s ten cities in median family income.

The City of Camarillo operates with 160 employees and several contract staff in six departmental areas: City Manager’s Office, Administrative Services, City Clerk, Community Development, Finance, and Public Works. Police services are provided through a contract with the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department. Fire protection, and parks/recreation services are provided by special-purpose districts.

The majority of the City’s five Councilmembers have several years of experience on the City Council, which contributes to the political stability of the organization. The City Council, City Manager and departmental staff have an excellent working relationship, with each group respecting and honoring the other’s roles and responsibilities. Employee turnover is extremely low, and most employees (including some department heads) have worked in the organization for many years.

The City Manager’s Office has a long history of leveraging the individual experiences and talents of both the City Manager and the Assistant City Manager to effectively manage the organization toward the implementation of the City Council’s goals and objectives. 

In recent decades, the CM and ACM have been individuals who have traveled distinct experience paths: one being a generalist, the other an engineer.  Generally, the CM has been the generalist and the ACM the engineer, and at other times the reverse has been true.  Given the high level of land development and capital improvements completed over the past decades, this combination of experience and skills in the City Manager’s Office has served the City well. 

With the City’s current level of land development, capital improvement project development, and a renewed focus on economic development that will include streamlining the City’s permit processing system, City Manager Dave Norman, a 30-year career generalist, is seeking a highly experienced professional with primary experience in capital improvement project development, land development, traffic impact analysis, and permit processing improvement.  Experience with regional groundwater water management issues is highly desirable.  Those with additional experience in the City Manager’s/Chief Executive’s Office at the Assistant City Manager (or equivalent) level and above are encouraged to apply.