Animal Control Officer II

Ventura County Animal Services

SALARY RANGE (approximate)
$19.20 - $26.97 Hour $3,327.87 - $4,674.64 Monthly $39,934.40 - $56,095.70 Annually
This posting is for the Ventura County Animal Services; vacancy location is Camarillo and Simi Valley.
Subject to the applicable section of the SEIU 721 MOA 2019-2022, Amendment #6 (Secs.3801 – 3803):
New hires may be eligible for a one-time New Hire Incentive of $1500 (applicable for the Animal Control Officer II – Field)
In compliance with specific requirements, a regular employee may be eligible for an Employee Referral Incentive of $500 (applicable for the Animal Control Officer II-Field).
THE POSITION: Under general direction, performs duties in enforcement, licensing, rabies suppression, quarantine, treatment, vaccination, impound, euthanasia, and the humane disposal of animals in accordance with applicable departmental policies and procedures, rules and regulations and ordinances governing animal care and control; performs other related duties as required.
Distinguishing Characteristics:
Animal Control Officer II is the journey level classification in this series. Incumbents in this class are primarily assigned to field operations and perform a wide variety of field duties independently, however, during critical incidents involving the health and safety of animals and/or humans, incumbents must demonstrate good judgment by analyzing situations and adopt an effective course of action.
This class is distinguished from the Senior Animal Control Officer classification in that the latter is the lead over Animal Services Officers. It is further distinguished from the Animal Care Technician classification in that Animal Care Technicians are primarily assigned to shelter operations.
EDUCATIONAL INCENTIVE: Some positions may be eligible for educational incentive. This incentive may be 2.5%, 3.5%, or 5% for incumbents in eligible positions based on completion of an Associate's, Bachelor's, or Master's degree that is not required for the classification.
BILINGUAL INCENTIVE: Some positions may be eligible for bilingual incentive depending on the applicable memorandum of agreement and the needs of the department. In order to qualify for this incentive, incumbents in eligible positions must take and pass the applicable bilingual fluency exam.
DEPARTMENT/AGENCY: Ventura County Animal Services
Animal Control Officer II is represented by the Service Employees' International Union (SEIU) and is eligible for overtime compensation.
The eligible list established from this recruitment may be used to fill current and future Regular (including Temporary and Fixed-term), Intermittent, and Extra Help vacancies in Animal Services. There is currently one (1) Regular vacancy.
OPENING DATE: June 29, 2022
CLOSING DATE: Continuous and may close at any time; therefore, the schedule for the remainder of the process will depend upon when we receive a sufficient number of qualified applications to meet business needs.
Duties may include, but are not limited to the following:
Keeps abreast of departmental policies and procedures, rules and regulations, State, city codes, and ordinances governing animal care and control; advises the public on: licensing, fees, reclaims, relinquish, adoptions, rabies suppression, vaccination, leash law, and other animals care regulations;
Identifies animals, recognizes illnesses, habits, and behaviors of various animals;
Maintains and operates a radio-dispatch county vehicle and livestock trailer; captures both domestic and wild animals using specialized equipment and methods; transports captured animals to be humanely disposed and/or to be investigated for rabies;
Updates records on impounds, activities, quarantines, treatments, euthanasia and disposals using Animal Services Records Management software;
Patrols assigned area and supports other field units; responds, investigates, and processes animal related incidents and public nuisance complaints; investigate animal cruelty/neglect cases; tracks and records daily activities; writes and issues violation notices and/or court citations; collects evidence and may be asked to appear in court as a witness and/or to testify on facts related to animal violation;
Uses tranquilizer guns for the capture and/or control of animals and/or administers injections to humanely euthanize animals as a last resort in accordance with established laws and departmental policy;
May be assigned to patrol and enforce leash law violations in accordance with established city ordinances;
Investigates animal bites for rabies and issues quarantine notices; determines if residence is suitable to quarantine animal; monitors and releases animal from quarantine at specified time;
Works cooperatively with local agencies and law enforcement when joint action is required;
May assist front office and/or shelter operations staff with the animal intake process, license renewals, collects fees, and issues receipts;
Performs other related duties as assigned.
These are entrance requirements to the exam process and assure neither continuance in the process nor placement on an eligible list.
Depending on assignment, some combination of experience (at least one year) and/or educational training which demonstrates the attainment of journey-level knowledge, skills, and abilities.
Must be able to stand for long periods of time, bend, stoop, reach, and lift/carry animals and equipment of 50 lbs.
Animal Control Officer II is required to successfully complete a PC 832 course in
Arrest, Search and Seizure and Firearms training within six (6) months of employment;
Animal Control Officer II is required to successfully complete a Department approved course leading to a certification in Euthanasia by Injection within six (6) months of employment;
Animal Control Officer II is required to be proficient with the Department's shelter software (Chameleon) program within six (6) months of employment;
Must be willing and able to work rotating shifts, including days, evenings, nights, weekends and holidays, 24-hour shift periods, routinely be on stand-by for emergency calls;
Must be willing to work in all weather conditions.
Incumbents are required to wear a uniform during work hours;
Must be willing and able to work various locations throughout Ventura County; and
Must possess and maintain a valid driver license issued by the State of California as a condition of employment.
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
Knowledge of:
departmental policies and procedures, rules and regulations, State, city codes, and ordinances governing animal care and control, enforcement, protection, licensing, impounding, leash law, rabies suppression, quarantine, treatment, legal liabilities;
humane disposal of animals, and physical and behavioral characteristics of common breeds of dogs and cats; common species of indigenous wildlife;
causes and symptoms of common animal zoonotic diseases;
proper use, maintenance, and storage of firearms.
Skill to:
safely drive an animal control vehicle obeying all traffic laws;
tow a livestock trailer;
operate various paraphernalia required in the capture of animals and the ability to collect fees and service charges;
Ability to:
work independently in the field with minimal supervision;
interpret, understand and apply departmental policies and procedures, rules and regulations, State, city codes, and ordinances governing animal care and control;
interact with the public in a courteous but firm manner when responding to and/or resolving conflicts;
remain calm during emergencies and in stressful situations;
demonstrate good judgment by analyzing the situation and adopting an effective course of action;
prepare detailed reports and other written material in a legible, concise, and accurate manner;
testify in court;
establish and maintain effective relationships with the public, department personnel, volunteers, and other agencies;
recognize symptoms of common zoonotic diseases;
handle sick, injured, dangerous, dead, and decomposed animal remains in a safe and humane manner;
use and carry small firearms, tranquilizer guns and other assigned equipment;
humanely euthanize dangerous and sick animals;
Supplemental Information:
Duties are performed primarily outdoors and required moderate to heavy physical activities and may include exposure to dangerous and/or diseased animals. Incumbents must be patient and tolerant of loud environments (barking), dog waste, odor, and hair.
FINAL FILING DATE: This is a continuous recruitment and may close at any time; therefore, apply as soon as possible if you are interested in it. Your application must be received by County of Ventura Human Resources no later than 5:00 p.m. on the closing date.
To apply on-line, please refer to our web site at If you prefer to fill out a paper application form, please call (805) 654-5129 for application materials and submit them to County of Ventura Human Resources, 800 South Victoria Avenue, L-1970, Ventura, CA 93009.
NOTE: If presently permanently employed in another "merit" or "civil service" public agency/entity in the same or substantively similar position as is advertised, and if appointed to that position by successful performance in a "merit" or "civil service" style examination, then appointment by "Lateral Transfer" may be possible. If interested, please click here for additional information.
Note to Applicants: It is essential that you complete all sections of your application and supplemental questionnaire thoroughly and accurately to demonstrate your qualifications. A resume and/or other related documents may be attached to supplement the information in your application and supplemental questionnaire; however, it/they may not be submitted in lieu of the application.
SUPPLEMENTAL QUESTIONNAIRE – qualifying: All applicants are required to complete and submit the questionnaire for this exam AT THE TIME OF FILING. The supplemental questionnaire may be used throughout the exam process to assist in determining each applicant's qualifications and acceptability for the position. Failure to complete and submit the questionnaire may result in the application being removed from consideration.
APPLICATION EVALUATION - qualifying: All applications will be reviewed to determine whether or not the stated requirements are met. Those individuals meeting the stated requirements will be invited to continue to the next step in the screening and selection process.
WRITTEN EXAMINATION - 100%: A job-related written examination will be administered to test candidates' knowledge of animal control, breed identification, animal health, public service skills. Candidates must earn a score of seventy percent (70%) or higher in order to be invited to take the practical examination.
Candidates successfully passing the written examination will be required to demonstrate their physical ability to perform job-related duties prior to being hired.
PRACTICAL EXAMINATION – Pass/Fail: Candidates will be required to complete several job-related tasks where essential job duties and the job environment are simulated. The method of completing the tasks, the time required, and the final product are scored and evaluated. Practical exams may also encompass actual job performance in the position and/or successful completion of any required job training. Candidates must pass both the written exam and the practical exam in order to qualify for placement on the eligible list.
Candidates successfully completing both the written exam and the practical exam may be placed on an eligible list for a period of one (1) year.
BACKGROUND INVESTIGATION: A thorough pre-employment, post offer background investigation which may include inquiry into past employment, education, criminal background information and driving record is required for this position.
For further information about this recruitment, please contact Tamara Madueno at or by telephone at (805) 677-5313.