Local Finance: Covid Budget Impacts and Outlook for Revenue Enhancement in 2020

How will COVID 19 impact local revenue streams, and when are those revenues likely to recover? What are residents’ priorities for service delivery, and what are their attitudes towards potential revenue enhancements this November? Hear from local finance and public opinion experts on this free webinar for local officials.

The webinar was held on May 19, 2020

Panelists include: Fran David, Fmr City Manager, City of Hayward; Dave Metz, FM3 Research; Thomas Adams, Avenu Insights & Analytics

Download Presentations:

Fran David, Fmr City Manager, City of Hayward

Thomas Adams, Avenu Insights & Analytics

Dave Metz, FM3 Research

Budgeting in a Sea of Unknowns, courtesy of Avenu Insights & Analytics

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