Eight Cal Cities-Sponsored Bills You Need to Know

The League of California Cities is sponsoring eight pieces of legislation aimed at advancing cities’ interests during the current session.

Cal Cities published this primer on those eight bills on Wednesday. They include:

  • AB 1708 (Muratsuchi) – reform Proposition 47 to increase accountability for serial theft and encourage intervention/diversion programs
  • AB 1168 (Bennett) – clarify the Legislature’s intent regarding a local jurisdiction’s right to deliver prehospital emergency medical services
  • AB 557 (Hart) – eliminate the sunset provisions in AB 361 (R. Rivas, 2021) and extend cities’ ability to meet remotely
  • AB 817 (Pacheco) – allow non-decision-making legislative bodies to participate in two-way virtual teleconferencing without posting their physical location
  • SB 329 (Dodd) – allow general law cities to adjust city council pay caps for inflation based on the California Consumer Price Index
  • AB 400 (Rubio) – permanently allow local governments to use design-build processes
  • SB 706 (Caballero) – allow cities to use progressive design-build for all public projects over $5 million

The final bill sponsored by Cal Cities will be in print shortly and authored by Assembly Member Brian Maienschein. That legislation would align local government assistance resources for various environmental grant programs and create a working group tasked with developing a coordinated management system.

Read more about the Cal Cities-sponsored bills here.