Vista Manager Resigns After Council Limits His Hiring Authority

Patrick Johnson has resigned after 11 years as Vista’s City Manager, and he’s placing blame on a recent vote by the City Council.

In September, city leaders voted to limit Johnson’s hiring authority. New rules require the city manager to get approval from a majority of the Council before hiring or appointing department heads. 

“This was a fundamental change in the city manager position and authority by removing my ability to create and manage an effective management team,” Johnson said in his resignation letter. “I advised you in advance that this action would be taken against my wishes and result in my involuntary resignation as city manager.”

Because this was an “involuntary resignation,” Johnson is entitled to 12-months’ pay as severance or around $258,075. Johnson could also be placed on leave until March, since his resignation was tendered within 120 days of a city election.

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