Majority of Mission Viejo Council to be Booted by Month’s End

Mission Viejo is expected to lose three of its city council members by the end of the month unless the city can get a stay from the California Court of Appeal.

Last month, Orange County Superior Court Judge ruled that Mayor Wendy Bucknum, Councilmen Ed Sachs, and Greg Raths had improperly extended their terms for two extra years and could no longer serve on the council

The city is appealing the decision. The plaintiffs did not want the city to have that option, arguing instead that they needed to file for a writ of relief. The judge gave them the option to file for writ or appeal.

There is a contingency plan if things don’t go the city’s way. City Manager Dennis Wilberg will step in at the end of the month and handle operations for the city if it loses its majority. The scope of his responsibilities will be discussed at a meeting on September 27.