Vallejo Councilman Goes Off on Residents in Profanity-Laced Emails

A Vallejo City Council member who has decided not to seek re-election is under fire for sending profanity-laced emails to his own constituents.

“Vallejo City Council Member Hakeem Brown used his government-issued email address to lash out at constituents last month after losing a vote to create a sanctioned tent encampment in a parking lot,” the San Francisco Chronicle reports.

“Lol f*ck you,” the councilman told one person by email, according to the Chronicle.

“Lol is this the trick I saw coming out of a fake massage parlor?” he said to another. ("Trick” is slang for a prostitute.) “Stfu Gary. Stop bitching.”

He called another woman a "Karen."

At least three people who wrote to complain about his conduct at city council meetings received messages filled with personal insults.

Brown was elected to the city council in 2018. In 2020, Open Vallejo published an investigative report detailing disturbing allegations of domestic violence by Brown over the years. You can read that report here.

In November, the councilman announced he would not seek re-election.