Kristin Crowley to Make History as LA’s First Female Fire Chief

Firefighters are used to breaking glass, but LA’s next chief just shattered one giant glass ceiling.

On Tuesday, Mayor Eric Garcetti and Council President Nuri Martinez nominated Acting Administrative Operations Chief Deputy and Fire Marshal Kristin Crowley to lead the city’s fire department. If confirmed by the city council, she will be the first female fire chief in LA’s history.

“We’re living through an unprecedented moment that has called on our Fire Department not just to protect us – but to lead us in the fight to overcome public safety challenges we’ve never faced before. At the same time, the LAFD is leading a transformative national discussion about strengthening equity and inclusion within the firefighting ranks, and we must overcome those internal challenges too,” said Garcetti. “Throughout her distinguished career, Kristin Crowley has proven her brilliance, determination and bravery on the job again and again. She’s also shown this city her heart, with her tireless commitment to helping students access life-changing educational opportunities. There is no one better equipped to lead the LAFD at this moment than Kristin. She’s ready to make history, and I’m proud to nominate her as the Department’s next Chief.”

Crowley has served the department for 22 years and has held nearly every leadership position during that time. City leaders and fire personnel from across the state praised her appointment Tuesday, calling it a transformative moment for young girls and women.

Crowley will be the second chief in a row to make history. Retiring Chief Ralph Terrazas became the department’s first Latino leader when he took the helm in 2014.

The honeymoon could be short-lived. Crowley is taking over a department fraught with controversy. LA firefighters are currently suing the city over its COVID-19 vaccine mandate and female members of the department have alleged harassment and sexism on the job.

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Photo Credit: Los Angeles Fire Department