Lompoc City Manager Leaving for Cupertino

City Manager Jim Throop is leaving the City of Lompoc for Cupertino. He informed local leaders of his resignation this month, effective Jan. 2.

Throop has been at the helm since July 30, 2018. He is credited with helping the city improve and maintain its fiscal health through debt reduction and shoring up reserves.

“I would not trade this experience for anything and will always reflect fondly on my time here,” Throop said in a statement.

"Lompoc is in good hands thanks to the city’s hard-working and dedicated staff and the fantastic community that advocates for what they believe in. I look forward to what’s ahead for Lompoc," Throop said.

Lompoc is a city in Santa Barbara County with a population of 42,853. Cupertino, with a population 64,220, is located in Silicon Valley in the County of Santa Clara.