Los Angeles is America’s worst city for bedbugs

Los Angeles has been named the most bedbug-infested city in America by pest control company Terminix. The annual rankings are based on the number of calls the company has received from people in each city.

San Francisco (#13), San Diego (#45), Fresno (#46), and Sacramento (#49) also made the list of the 50 most bedbug-infested cities. California was one of 13 states with more than one city on the list.

Feeling worried? Terminix has this to say about how you can spot bedbug infestations:

“A few ways to identify the presence of bed bugs include small blood smears on your sheets, a musty odor, reddish-brown blood spots on your mattress, and bed bugs themselves. In dorm rooms, they tend to live in dressers, clothes, floorboards, couches and mattresses. When fully grown, bed bugs resemble the size, shape and color of an apple seed; however, students should also be on the lookout for recently hatched, cream-colored bed bugs (nymphs) hiding in their fitted sheets.”

To prevent infestations, the company recommends bug-proof pillow encasements; regular searches of bedding and borrowed items; washing borrowed clothing in hot water; keeping backpacks and clothing away from your bed; and not taking home discarded furniture.

Rankings were compiled by Terminix and do not reflect data on all cities.


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