Sacramento Landlord Fined $500,000 for a Pot Grow He Never Knew About

A Sacramento landlord says he’s facing a $500,000 fine after his tenant’s nephew was caught growing marijuana on his property — without the landlord’s knowledge.

Rodney Rose had rented the home to an older couple for years without incident. Then they allowed their nephew to move in. Suddenly, the Sacramento Municipal Utility District began noticing electricity spikes that tipped them off to illegal activity. Rose learned of it all when he received the half-a-million-dollar fine in the mail. As for the tenants, they were cited just $500.

The tenants explained to a court that Rose had no knowledge or involvement, but Rose said it didn’t matter.

“The ordinance that I was held under was whether I knew about this or not, you’re guilty. So, there’s literally no winning,” he told FOX40.

Rodney was referring to a 2018 law that imposes stiff penalties on those caught growing marijuana without a license, as well as the property owners. The ordinance has caused major headaches for unsuspecting landlords. In December of 2019, it was revised so that innocent landlords could avoid penalties if they can show proof they were not involved.