Retaliation? Inglewood treasurer claims city slashed her salary and locked her out of City Hall.

Wanda M. Brown has dutifully served as Inglewood’s treasurer for the past 33 years. In 2019, she raised questions about the city’s fiscal health and an alleged overpayment of $77,420 to a city contractor. According to Brown, she was instantly met with retaliation by the mayor and city council. She claims her salary was slashed by 83% and her previous multimillion-dollar investment authority cut to $50,000. Then, Brown says she and her staff were physically locked out of City Hall.

Brown has filed a lawsuit against Inglewood, its city council, and Mayor James T. Butts. She’s alleging Labor Code violations, defamation and emotional distress.

An attorney for the city has denied Brown’s allegations.

“…the city reaffirms that it in no way retaliated against Ms. Brown and has always treated her in accordance with the regulations and procedures established in the city charter,'' Mira Hashmall said in a statement.

“…Ms. Brown was not singled out for exclusion from City Hall. Per city policy, her access was restricted after she failed to provide COVID testing clearance as was required of all employees prior to entering City Hall,” Hashmall added.

Brown’s lawsuit is just the latest in a long line of scandals and legal headaches for the city and its mayor.



Thursday, August 18, 2022 - 08:55

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