The Fastest and Slowest Growing Cities in California

U.S. population growth has come to a crawl, according to the latest data released by the U.S. Census Bureau this month. In California, stunted growth has resulted in the loss of a congressional seat for the first time in history.

A new report shows which cities in California lost and gained the largest percentage of residents. It shows a clear shift away from big cities toward the suburbs. It also also highlights the devastating impact of wildfires on cities like Paradise.

These were the cities that saw the largest percentage growth:

  1. Vernon: 98.21%
  2. Lathrop: 59.25%
  3. Dublin: 57.68%
  4. Imperial City: 37.3%
  5. Rio Vista: 35.94%
  6. Lake Elsinore: 35.59%
  7. Menifee: 32.26%
  8. Coalinga: 31.46%
  9. Oroville: 28.92%
  10. Emeryville: 28.03%

The cities with the smallest percentage population growth were:

  1. Paradise 81.83% loss
  2. Ione City 35.07% loss
  3. Fort Jones 17.16% loss
  4. Trinidad 16.35% loss
  5. Colmal 15.9% loss
  6. Malibu 15.75% loss
  7. Calipatria 15.44% loss
  8. Carmel-by-the-Sea 13.49% loss
  9. Mammoth Lakes 12.67% loss
  10. Bradbury 12.12% loss

Los Angeles County remains the largest county in the country. The Villages, Florida is the fastest growing metro area nationwide.

View the U.S. Census data here.



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