WalletHub Ranks Most Diverse Cities

Three California cities have made the top 20 on WalletHub’s list of the most diverse cities in 2021.

Los Angeles ranked No. 5 this year, coming in behind Houston (No. 1), New Jersey (No. 2), New York (No. 3), And Dallas (No. 4).

"In order to determine the most diverse cities in America, WalletHub compared 501 of the most populated cities — limiting each state to no more than 10 cities each — across five key dimensions: 1) Socioeconomic Diversity, 2) Cultural Diversity, 3) Economic Diversity, 4) Household Diversity and 5) Religious Diversity," according to the report.

Cities were categorized by size and graded on a 100-point scale, with 100 representing the most diversity.

These are the 10 most diverse cities in the Golden State, according to WalletHub:

  1. Los Angeles (No. 5)
  2. Long Beach (No. 9)
  3. San Diego (No. 20)
  4. Sacramento (No. 26)
  5. San Jose (No. 27)
  6. Fresno (No. 29)
  7. Anaheim (No. 33)
  8. Oakland (No. 40)
  9. Bakersfield (No. 61)
  10. San Francisco (No. 83)

List and data were compiled by WalletHub and do not reflect statistics on all cities.