Placerville Finally Votes to Drop Noose From City Logo

After a year of debate, the Placerville City Council voted unanimously Tuesday to remove the image of a noose from its city logo. This marks a turning point for the city that became famous for a series of hangings in the 1800s. Placerville is still popularly known as “Old Hangtown” today.

“A lot of people want us to stand up and fight this battle against change, but our job at the city is not to fight change but to navigate it,” said Vice Mayor Kara Taylor.

“If a symbol is this divisive, is it truly worth keeping?” asked Mayor Dennis Thomas. This moment “has been a long time coming,” he said.

The noose has generated criticism for years, but calls for its removal were reignited last summer following the death of George Floyd and the nationwide protests for racial justice. The Council wasn’t ready. It postponed the decision until January.

Not everyone is happy to see the noose go. Some who called into the public meeting decried the decision as evidence of “cancel culture.” Odes to indiscriminate hangings, however, are just the sort of thing most people would like to cancel.

Total cost of removal, including alteration of street signs, will cost around $5,300.