Garcetti Proposes UBI, Record Spending on Homelessness as Part of “Equity and Justice Budget”

LA Mayor Eric Garcetti proposed the largest basic income pilot program in the nation this week as part of his $11.2 billion budget proposal. 2,000 households living at or below the poverty line would receive $1,000 in cash per month, no strings attached.

The guaranteed income program is part of Garcetti’s so-called “Equity and Justice Budget,” which also includes a record $800 million to address homelessness. That includes $362 million to build 5,651 housing units through Proposition HHH; nearly $200 million for affordable housing, homeless prevention, eviction defense, and other services; $57 million for more CARE+ teams; and $43 million toward Project Roomkey.

To help keep people in their homes, the budget would allocate $300 million in American Rescue Plan funds for Emergency Rental Assistance. The mayor also wants to establish an advisory commission to examine reparations for some Black residents.

“This budget is more than a financial document — it’s a dynamic roadmap to a city built on justice and equity,” said Mayor Garcetti. “Our budget heeds Angelenos’ advocacy, activism, and aspirations to restore what we love best about Los Angeles, and reinvest in our services, infrastructure, racial justice, and the largest-ever single commitment to homelessness solutions in our City.”

Despite its heavy emphasis on social justice, the mayor’s budget does not reduce spending for police. With homicides up 27%, the mayor is proposing a small increase for the LAPD. His budget carves out $1.76 billion for the department, up from the $1.71 billion approved by the City Council last summer.

Read the blueprint here.