Fullerton Repeals Its Commercial Pot Ordinance

Elections have consequences.

Three months ago, Fullerton’s city council voted to legalize commercial cannabis. On Feb 16, with a new anti-cannabis majority, the body voted to reverse course.

Sales of cannabis will now be banned in the city, following a 3-2 vote. Mayor Bruce Whitaker, Mayor Pro Tem Nick Dunlap, and Councilmember Fred Jung voted in favor of reversal. Council members Jesus Silva and Ahmad Zahra continue to favor legalization.

“Mayor Pro Tem Nick Dunlap said that Fullerton’s previous council left the current council with an inadequate plan to effectively regulate commercial cannabis while also addressing their constituents’ concerns,” The Daily Titan reports.

“How do you think our roads would look if we had invested the same amount of time and resources over the past 4 1/2 years that was invested into this initiative, into fixing our roads and streets?” Dunlap asked. “I guarantee you our roads would be in better condition today than they are had we invested the same amount of time.”

Zahra countered that the need to regulate the industry was crucial for public safety.

“This is not about bringing cannabis into this city, this is about trying to regulate it.”