Merced Poised to Censure City Councilman

The Merced City Council voted 6-0 Monday to move forward with a censure resolution against Councilmember Fernando Echevarria. The resolution was motivated by a series of statements and actions that community members and public officials found offensive.

On June 1, Echevarria admonished a homeless activist and candidate for mayor, who was criticizing city leadership.

“If you continue Monica, I’m going to ask you to leave,” Echevarria told her. “This has angered me. And I’m not going to tolerate the public because they are angry that they are homeless. They are angry they don’t have money in their pocket. I’m not going to have them come up here and have us as a punching bag. We are here to make policy, not to take direct hits.”

The councilmember then demonstrated a carotid “choke hold” during a townhall meeting after the death of George Floyd.

Recently, in emails to constituents, he bad-mouthed the city’s mayor, raising unsubstantiated claims of sexual harassment that the city manager and the Council have said are totally false.

The resolution for censure will be presented to the City Council on July 20. Read more at the Merced County Times.


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