As California Struggles, Nearly 350,000 Public Employees Are Taking Home Six-Figure Salaries

A deep financial dive conducted by the editors at Forbes has revealed over a quarter of a million employees making six-figure salaries in California. The total cost to taxpayers? $54 billion.

Among the 340,390 employees in California earning $100,000 or more are 109,627 teachers and school administrators; 66,403 college and university employees; 62,204 state employees and 45,718 municipal workers. The highest paid school administrator is a charter school CEO who makes $450,115 a year and a district superintendent in Southern California making $$443,875.

“Our auditors at found truck drivers in San Francisco making $159,000 per year; lifeguards in LA County costing taxpayers $365,000; nurses at UCSF making up to $501,000; the UCLA athletic director earning $1.8 million; and 1,420 city employees out-earning all 50 state governors ($202,000),” the editors add.

Check out Forbes’ interactive map, which allows you to search public employee and retiree pay by zip code, here


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