Whittier Students Sue Delta Over Jet Fuel Dump

Lawsuits continue to mount in the aftermath of a jet fuel dump over the Gateway Cities region of L.A. County last month.

Three high school students in Whittier are the latest to seek damages from Delta Air Lines. They say they’ve been plagued by symptoms including skin irritation and nausea since being exposed to the fuel on the grounds of Pioneer High School.

“Delta and its flight crew for Flight 89 had a duty to notify air traffic control of any need or intent to dump jet fuel during a flight, and were aware of or should have been aware that the aircraft was too low to safely dump fuel,” the plaintiffs’ attorney Matthew McNicholas said. “This incident brings into question whether this negligence extends into Delta’s policies and protocols” (Los Angeles Times).

Pioneer High School was one of a number of campuses doused by the fuel. Teachers from Park Avenue Elementary School in neighboring Cudahy have also filed a lawsuit against Delta. 

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