Patient With Coronavirus Mistakenly Released From San Diego Hospital

Health officials have been urging the public not to overreact to the coronavirus threat. It doesn’t help when personnel make grave mistakes like this

Errors by a hospital in San Diego and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention led to a woman with the novel coronavirus being sent back to Marine Corps Air Station Miramar instead of isolation at the hospital, according to a health official familiar with the situation.

The woman was among Americans in federal quarantine at the base, and is the first US evacuee from China known to be infected with the novel coronavirus. — CNN

This represents San Diego County’s first case of novel coronavirus to date. The patient, who was aboard the first Feb. 5 flight of Wuhan evacuees, has now returned to quarantine. Officials are working to determine if she exposed others to the virus during the lapse.

Four evacuees were taken to Miramar to UC San Diego Medical Center last week and provided samples for testing. According to the CDC, labeling for three of those four samples did not meet the same requirements between UC San Diego Health and the CDC. As a result, processing was delayed. The team in Atlanta then incorrectly labeled them all as negative even though they had not been tested.

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