Outrage, Lawsuits After Jet Fuel Dump in Cudahy

Cudahy residents have learned more about the plane that released 15,000 gallons of jet fuel over several elementary schools last week. One thing we know is that the pilot of the aircraft did deliberately release the fuel. Airline officials say they were trying to reduce the weight of the plane during an emergency landing.

On Friday, hundreds of Cudahy residents filed into a town hall meeting to express outrage over the incident. Delta spokeswoman Dana Debel was there to answer questions. The Los Angeles Times reports she faced shouting and heckling from the crowd.

“This is environmental racism,” one resident shouted. Residents wondered aloud whether the plane would have dumped the fuel there if it were a rich, white community.

Cudahy’s mayor Elizabeth Alcantar expressed similar frustrations immediately after the incident.

“Why is it always our communities having to deal with the brunt of these issues?” she asked.

A federal investigation is ongoing. 60 people, including many children, were affected. Some are still experiencing skin irritation or other side effects. Teachers from Cudahy's Park Avenue Elementary School have filed a lawsuit against Delta.



Tuesday, February 18, 2020 - 10:03

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