97% of Local Governments Behind on RHNA Goals

How many cities and counties are on track to meet state-mandated housing permit goals? Just under 3% (15 jurisdictions), according to a new analysis from the Southern California News Group.

SCNG scored California’s cities and counties on their Regional Housing Needs Assessment (RHNA) progress. The color-coded scores were based on the Housing Element Annual Progress reports that they provide.

97% of jurisdictions are behind on RHNA goals and nearly two-thirds are less than 50% on track, SCNG concluded.

“The problem is worse for low-income housing: Just 22% of the state’s jurisdictions are on track for permitting low-income housing, while 45% are on track for upper-income housing.”

Over half of local governments were given D or F grades.

RHNA Figures are controversial and many local governments complain that they simply aren’t realistic. Nevertheless, legal pressure is growing on local governments to fall into compliance — fast.

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