Early Results Show Stockton’s Universal Income Recipients Spending Money on the Basics

We’re getting the first results from a landmark universal income program in Stockton, California.

The researchers, Stacia Martin-West from the University of Tennessee and Amy Castro Baker from the University of Pennsylvania, have released data on how the $500 per month has been spent by program recipients (data on health impacts will be released at a later date). They relied on participant surveys. Those questionnaires show 40% went towards food, around 24% went to sales and merchandise, just over 11% went to utility bills, and over 9% was spent on auto repairs and gas.

Recipients of the 18-month program began receiving their first set of checks in February. The experiment is the brainchild of Stockton Mayor Michael Tubbs. He partnered with an organization known as the Economic Security Project (ESP), which contributed $1 million to the program.

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