Audio: City Managers Discuss Ransomware and Cyber Security

The number of cyber attacks on municipalities is up from 2018, causing chaos and costing municipalities millions to resolve. New Hampshire Public Radio spent an hour exploring the issue, asking why local governments are being targeted, the impact on citizens, and the challenges for municipalities trying to protect themselves. Guests include a City Managers form Lodi, CA and from Lake City, Florida, the Executive Director of the New Hampshire Municipal Association and a Commissioner of the State's Department of Information Technology. 

It's well worth a listen. As the lead in states, "Cities are under attack. Big cities like Baltimore and Atlanta and small cities across Texas, California and Florida. They're falling victim to hackers who infiltrate computer networks, lock up data in key systems like email and phone lines, and then demand a ransom to get them back. By some estimates, city leaders in more than 60 cities have had to ask themselves an important question should we pay the ransom? We're going to hear now from two of those cities, each with a different answer."

Get the full audio discussion or read the transcript here.