No Thin Blue Line or “In God We Trust” Flags for Costa Mesa City Hall

A councilman's request to hang a Thin Blue Line flag and an “In God We Trust” flag at Costa Mesa City Hall was rejected at a meeting Tuesday, with city leaders saying they should find other ways to honor police officers.

Allan Mansoor initially wanted the city to display a Blue Lives Matter flag and an “In God We Trust” flag. Mansoor withdrew his call for the former at the start of Tuesday’s meeting over concerns about altering the American flag, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Councilwoman Sandy Genis had originally seconded Mansoor’s motion but pulled her support Tuesday. That meant no vote.

“Mansoor tried a substitute motion, this time to fly only the U.S., California, POW-MIA and Costa Mesa city flags. Genis seconded the motion, but it failed on a 5-2 vote, with only Mansoor and Genis supporting it.”

Passing 6-1, with Mansoor dissenting, was a proposal to find alternative ways for the city to show its support for police. That motion was introduced by Mayor Pro Tem John Stephens.

Tuesday’s back-and-forth over flags did not occur in isolation. Mansoor’s initial motion was a response to the council’s May decision to fly an LGBT flag outside City Hall — a move Mansoor opposed.