Redondo Beach Mayor Diagnosed With Stage 4 Lung Cancer

City News Service reports that Redondo Beach Mayor Bill Brand has been diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer which has now spread to the brain. Brand, who revealed his diagnosis in a Facebook post, is just 61 years old.

The cancer was discovered after Brand experienced a seizure on board an airline flight. The medical episode was caused by the cancer’s presence in the brain.

If there's anyone who can beat the odds, it’s Brand. He’s a two-time cancer survivor, having been diagnosed with testicular cancer 25 years ago and skin cancer 5 years later.

The mayor says he has been assured by his doctors that he can continue carrying out his official responsibilities. That’s what he plans to do.

“I want to be as transparent with the public as possible, and if ever I feel that I can’t fully fulfill my mayoral duties, I will be stepping down. For now, I’m just a future cancer survivor, doing what he’s told by the people who deal with these challenges every day," he wrote. "Most of you don’t know I survived testicular cancer 25 years ago and skin cancer 20 years ago, and I will do it again. Both were just bumps in the road of life, because of the great care I received and the loving support of close family and friends. All of which I am very fortunate to still have."

We wish Mayor Brand a quick and complete recovery.