Dublin Reverses Decision on LGBT Flag

After voting against the idea last month, Dublin, California has decided to fly the gay pride flag after all. The City Council voted June 4 for a new policy allowing commemorative flags. The decision followed a public outcry from more than 800 people.

Mayor David Haubert, who initially opposed the plan, explained his change of heart.



“I wish we had not really voted at the last meeting, but rather given this item a little more time to talk about it,” he told NBC News.

“I called a lot of friends, we had a lot of dialogue and we learned a lot," he said. "So we ended up in the right place but again, we weren’t so far off in the meeting we had on May 21, we all agreed we needed to do something, we couldn’t figure out exactly what to do, and it ended up right."

Haubert also donned a rainbow sash at the June 4 Council meeting to show his support for the LGBT community.

June is National Gay Pride Month.